Building Rentals
A fee based on square footage of building space. Available buildings vary in size.

Land Leasing
A fee based on foot frontage of lot. Average approximate lot size is 2 acres. (400ft x 200ft)

Service Charges

A fee based on foot frontage and building square footage. Service charges are billed annually and includes the following services:

  1. General Road Maintenance for main access roads snow plowing seasonal gravel, sand and salt ditching (cleaning and maintenance) paving/asphalt
  2. BBIL Fire Protection
    A Batchewana First Nation agreement with the city fire departments that allows entry on the First Nation only. Actual costs per unit and equipment is the tenants responsibility for tenant owned buildings.
  3. BFN Policing
    Batchewana First Nation policing is provided by the First Nation.
  4. BHIP is currently exploring the possibility of creating an independent security service.
  5. Water Systems
    Painting and repairing the hydrants
    Hydrant monitoring ie pressure
  6. Street Lighting Maintenance

Pylon Sign

An illuminated sign located outside the Batchewana First Nation Administration Office, located on Frontenac Street is visible from the Trans Canada Highway #17 both entering and leaving the area. The sign clearly displays the names of all companies located in BHIP. There is $600.00 annual fee for this service for all tenants with a minimum of a two year lease. Any changes to your portion of the sign after initial installation is included in this annual fee