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BHIP offers modern amenities to ensure that each lot is equipped to suit any company that chooses to locate within the park.

Paved roads
The main access road through the park along Gran St. and partially on Metig St. is paved. BBIL is currently in the process of securing funding to complete the paving through the entire industrial park.

Water Services
The city of Sault Ste. Marie loops within the system through 12” mains running east of Gran St, 12” mains running north of Metig St., 8” mains running west of Penashe St. and are all located approximately 200” apart.

Natural Gas
Located along Gran St. extending north on Metig St. to the furthest tenant. Extensions can be activated when needed.

Serviced by the Public Utilities Commission of Sault Ste. Marie.

Sewer System
Septic tanks are used and are the full responsibility of the tenant. Land fill requirements are determined by the Algoma Health and Welfare Department.

Waste Disposal
Currently waste disposal services are the responsibility of the tenant. There are many local service providers that can be contacted to suit your disposal needs including hazardous materials, recycling, composting and rubbish removal.